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North Battleford
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Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting

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Whitetail Deer HuntsWhitetail  hunts start November 4 . The hunt is  5 1/2 days  extensions are possible . Our goal is the harvesting of bucks with a Boone & Crockett whitetail score of 140 or better. As a deterrent those that shoot less than 140  will have an additional fee of $500.00 in a effort to maintain our trophy statis deer herd  , first time hunters have some leniency. If a hunter shoots and wounds a deer and blood is found the  hunt is over unless circumstances prove legitimate . We ask that you arrive at camp approximately 2 pm the day before hunt .Also prearranged Pickup from your hotel is also possible for a fee of $200.00 USD return to Saskatoon  please make prior arrangements with us how ever it should be noted we only pickup and return on designated times and days . After settling in and unpacking those who choose may go to the shooting range to check rifles  . Later a casual discussion on rules and policy such as in a effort to harvest Boone and Crocket trophy Bucks and which guides are  assigned to you. Hunters that are comfortable  driving 4 wheelers maybe asked to drive their own quad following their guide  which maybe a 20 minute + ride. ( the ride / drive to stands is the beginning of your adventure) Tree ladder stands, usually 16 feet high, or ground blind tents are used over bait plots.

We encourage bringing your own trail camera which our guides will set at a possible alternative bait site for you .This system worked for George B who harvested a beautiful 180 class off his alternate camera . If you are interested please book early to avoid disappointment . " We will do everything within our power to have you harvest a Boone and  Crockett Buck" We are now booking November 4 - 30  Photo 209 3/8

        Click here to view photos of trophies from recent hunts or click on icon on left instagram , you tube or fb for more photos                           

  5 1/2 day rifle hunt  $4750.00 USD + $450.00 ( license , tax ) includes  lodging + meals , trophy prep., guiding .


may we suggest a gratuity of 10 % is customary

Available Dates 2019

Nov. 4 - 9

Nov. 11 - 16

Nov. 18 - 23

Nov.25 - Nov.30

Contact :

Ron 306 441 1602

email : nwoutfitters@sasktel.net

Mark 403 801 0747 

email : ctoinc@telus.net

Saskatchewan laws enable hunting over supplemental food plots , thus increasing the opportunity to harvest a mature animal and also time to adequately judge your trophy buck. Does are more frequent at these sites and act as magnets attracting the bucks. The shots are usually 50/100 yards and due to the size of our deer we recommend you bring the appropriate gun 30 caliber is preferred how ever it is your choice. Please let me know if you have any concerns regarding heights (16 ft.) or hunting from a closed in ground blind, your safety and comfort is  priority. 

 Guides will check on hunter at predetermined times we recommend bringing your cell phones which enhance safety . Hunters will be picked up shortly after legal hunting time depending on weather and brought back to the lodge for a hot meal and comfortable bed. Some of the rooms are double or single occupancy.


If you have any concerns regarding bringing your firearms into Canada please consult this web site http://www.cfc-cafc.gc.ca  Or call 1-800-731-4000 or 1-506 �624-5380.Or if you prefer I can send out forms to be filled out (BUT DONOT SIGN UNTILL IN FRONT OF CUSTOMS )

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