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North Battleford
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Shoshone Wilderness Adventures 1406 642 3631

Chad   1 989 240 4414

Dave 1 989 240 4228

George 1 570 4119 1091

Mike 1 570 279 0298

Tom 1 516 428 3615

Bill 1 334 391 1665

Jay 1413 923 7808

Larry 1 239 850 3063


Please note if you have never hunted in Saskatchewan and do not have a " HAL " number please send us a picture of your Drivers License to my cell 306 441 1602 / nwoutfitters@sasktel.net or all your vital stats plus address in order we can get you a "HAL "    


Sorry the government makes it so difficult to declare your weapons but the form you want is Non Resident Declaration 5589 / CAFC 909 at the web site links we posted on left side of page  


Important Information for our U.S. guests

We received notification from CBSA advising of a new version of the pre-processing letter for non-resident hunters who wish to process their firearm prior to entering Canada. This option is only available if they are coming into Canada through Saskatoon, in other words direct from US landing in Saskatoon.

If there are any questions regarding this please contact the Canada Border Services Agency office in Saskatoon at 306-975-4755.                    


Jan . 19 / 2021

Sorry to say but the boarder is still closed to travel only allowing essential travelers that have been tested for the Covid virus within 3 days of travel . Vaccines are being done through out the world hopefully will catch up so we all can see some return to normal . We in Saskatchewan have had a mild winter again this year so the good news is our Whitetail and Bears are in good condition making this year a great year for hunters . We did not have any hunters last year so we seen some " slammers ". Our camps are pretty much full for this year with the exception of a couple of spots so if your interested contact us a.s.a.p either Mark @ 1 403 801 0747 or Ron @ 1 306 441 1602 .

Feb . 21 / 2021

To our Bear camp hunters : Not to worry I understand your concerns regarding the boarder not opening how ever I will keep in contact with you and carry deposits  over to May 2022 .

March 16 / 2021

We are anticipating a great Whitetail hunt this year after a year off due to boarder closure and no hunters . So if your interested give us a call we still have a few openings November 2021. Also we will start taking bookings for 2022 right after the 2021 hunts are done due to our returning hunters who get first choice . Please call Ron 1 306 441 1602 Mark 1 403 801 0747

March 30 / 2021

Still no easing on covid restrictions although vaccines are getting done , unfortunately Canada is behind in vaccines . Doesn't appear like we will have hunters in May or June 2021 so hunts will be postponed till May 2022 . Hopefully the November 2021 Whitetail hunts will go on as booked if you have any concerns call or Text  Ron 1306 441 1602 or Mark 1 403 801 0747 .

May 3 / 2021

Spring is evolving ever slowly temperatures are staying low leaves aren't out yet our Alfalfa is slow coming how ever the deer are plentiful in the field we counted over 70 last evening . We are all tiring of Covid restrictions unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed up boarder openings . We are still thinking the Whitetail hunts this November will be going forward . Since we have not had Black Bear hunts the Saskatchewan Wild Life Association & DNR has announced the abundance of Bears so asked campers to be vigilant while in forest areas . 

May 29 / 2021

We've been out in the forest clearing trails that had huge trees blown over on them mostly due to the strong winds lately .The leaves are out fully now especially after the warmer weather and rains . Saskatchewan is doing better with Covid restrictions how ever other provinces still behind . Still looking good for this years Whitetail season , keeping our fingers crossed , we should see some nice  growth on the Bucks this year with the mild winter and not much hunting since we didn't have any Canadian or American hunters .

June 30 / 2021

We still believe boarder will open before 2021 Whitetail hunt . If your booked when possible send a photo of your drivers licence or your HAL number to text 306 441 1602 or nwoutfitters.net , even if you've sent earlier .

July 16 / 2021

We have been encouraged to finally hear discussions at the federal level regarding a reopening plan for the US/Canadian border . Most recently , we are hearing that the preliminary stages for a plan may be specifically for Americans that have been fully vaccinated . This may be the short term reality - key to American clients interested in coming north . ( Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters )

Saskatchewan has now removed all public health orders — including the province-wide mandatory masking order, as well as capacity limits on events and gathering sizes.
Premier Scott Moe says the province decided to go ahead with full implementation of Step 3 of its Reopening Roadmap because more than 70 per cent of residents over the age of 18 and 69 per cent of those over 12 have now received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
Despite the lifting of the health orders, Regina and Saskatoon say they will still keep up extra cleaning in municipal facilities.
                                     July 21 2021
Canada to open border to fully vaccinated U.S. citizens on Aug. 9
To be eligible for entry, fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents must be asymptomatic and present a negative coronavirus molecular test taken within 72 hours of flight departure or arrival at a land crossing.
We still have a couple of openings for Whitetail hunts Nov. 29 - Dec. 4 2021 if your interested ?
Ron 306 441 1602 or Mark 1 403 801 0747

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