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Please note if you have never hunted in Saskatchewan and do not have a " HAL " number please send us a picture of your Drivers License to my cell 306 441 1602 / nwoutfitters@sasktel.net or all your vital stats plus address in order we can get you a "HAL "    


Sorry the government makes it so difficult to declare your weapons but the form you want is Non Resident Declaration 5589 / CAFC 909 at the web site links we posted on left side of page  














May 10 / 2017


Finally quit raining lots of mud makes getting into bear stands tough .Found this picture in one of the trail cams that we missed so he'll be around this year only bigger will be checking cameras this weekend for bears will try to post from camp .


May 29 / 2017

Wow what a great season all hunters harvested big Bears some colors too. Everyone all happy sorry can't get my pictures to work again how ever if you can get Face Book most of the pictures there . Lots of mud and rain almost everyday so the going was tough and the tough got going and harvested Big Bears .

June 11 / 2017

We are still getting rain off and on so there is lots of feed out there hopefully our alfalfa will be able to produce second cut which is what the deer prefer plus they can smell the alfalfa like we would smell burnt toast in the house (  LOL). We are starting to plan for the up coming Whitetail hunt  checking last years 30 trail cameras  looking for the ones that we never harvested that never showed up or our herd management policy "let them go let them grow "


June 26 / 2017

The forests are lush with great natural feed for the Whitetail herds we have seen does with twins again this year we also have a resident cow moose with twins living close to lodge . Going to start on a bale shed this Canada Day long weekend plus do some exploring with Mark & grandsons on 4 wheelers . We still have a few spots open for Whitetail if your interested email ronjoyce@sasktel.net.

July 8 / 2017

The weather has turned HOT ( 80 F ) and lots of humidity plus thunder storms and hail , we still getting showers the odd day . We had a hail storm come through on May 3 that did some damage to siding , fascia and shingles luckily no windows broken .We have never had a storm so severe in 12 years at the lodge the hail was the size of golf balls or our mosquitoes (LOL ).We just about finished the pole shed addition to shop just waiting for tin .I definitely need to up grade my web site .


 July 20 / 2017

We have been getting our share of rain so the forest and meadows are flourishing with plant life that's good for our animals in their development . Unfortunately we have also had some hail damage on our roof and siding which can be repaired .

July 30 / 217

We have been working hard at getting the pole shed ready for alfalfa bales also finishing three more bedrooms , bathroom and lounge complete with large screen TV and satellite down stairs bunk house (looks great ). The bugs aren't as bad as earlier in June / July , have had a resident buck , still in velvet , checking on us every day along with a group of does and fawns , nice to see.

Aug 10 / 2017

Getting all the little jobs cleaned up around camp so started putting out a few trail cameras a little early and too much feed out there so bucks aren't interested in getting pictures taken . The mosquitoes are horrendous due to all the rain and tall grass making it tough checking cards in cameras . Bucks still in velvet and should show good growth due to all the nutrition out there . Keep you posted .

Sept 7 / 2017

Harvest is in full swing around here a lot of the farmers are even done crops are great again . I just got back from a tour of Europe with son Todd we drove from Milan Italy all the way to Edinburgh Scotland it was a trip of a life time . Back to reality, we just purchased some 2nd cut alfalfa bales and another super nice quad to add to your comfort on the trails . Had a call from Wayne T regarding booking spots for next year was good to hear from him again . Our guides will be the same as last year  other then one new fellow out of New Zealand  , we are all getting excited for the coming Whitetail hunt and exploring new areas in our rotation for game management .

Oct. 1 / 2017

The weather seems to be changing by the day , the weather man has predicted snow for parts of Saskatchewan ? so far we good . The deer / bucks aren't coming to bates much yet I suppose due to all the available grass / crops , might have to find some places that don't have ample food source  . How ever that being said it's nice to know our area has adequate nutrition to grow horns without supplemental  food plots bates .

Oct. 7 / 2017


Getting closer to hunt time won't be long we'll be looking for these guys they should meet our criteria for age and horn size this year .

Nov. 1 / 2017

Mark and I have been exploring area that we haven't hunted for 4 years we ( Mark ) had to clean a lot of trails that have over grown and lots of dead fall putting chain saws to the test like the Husqvarna not so much the Stihl that fell a part the first use ? Other than that all looks good snow on the ground now  getting excited for Monday and our first group of hunters .

Dec 7 / 2017

Well we had a slower year then expected even with some of the new sites , that being said all hunters were happy harvesting Bucks with some character horns . Thanks to most of the hunters for holding out and honoring our 150 inch minimum / 4 1/2 year old " Herd Management " policy. Our score averaged in mid 160 's and 4 1/2 year old plus some huge 8 pointers that were in the 4 1/2 - 6 1/2 year old range .We left a lot of good Bucks to grow for next year and so far the weather has been favorable for our herd survival with little snow and mild temps.

Dec 21 / 2017

Merry Christmas to everyone and also a Happy New Year we hope ever everyone has a healthy , happy and prosperous New Year . Not much for pictures working on up grading site more on face book or instagram .

 Jan 9 / 2018

Black Bear hunt for May / June pretty much full , we don't like to over book so only take a limited number of hunters for both Bear and Whitetail hunts . That being said most of our Whitetail hunters from last year have rebooked but we do have a few hunts still open if your interested call Ron at 1306 441 1602 or Mark 1 403 801 0747 .

Jan. 15 / 2018

Well we are having above normal temps and low snow fall again so our Whitetail etc herds are loving it , shouldn't have any winter kill again this year ( thx mother nature ) . Starting to get excited about the coming Black Bear hunt starting week of May 21 , we will be using plastic barrels this year instead of the heavy metal so will be easier to handle


Feb 19 / 2018

Well our cold weather is finally ending supposed to warm up next week . I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some questions I've received regarding up coming Black Bear hunt that we are getting excited about ! 1) best to rent a car for group more than 3 ( cheaper / freedom ) 2) cell phones work most area ( international roaming ) 3) not enough guides to sit with hunter in stand 4) modern 7 year old lodge ( Health Dept inspected annually) with same amenities as city 5) home cooked meals ( allergy aware ) 6) bear spray available Cabelas Saskatoon Need more call 1306 441 1602.

March 13 / 2018

Snow is melting how ever spring is not here yet we do not have as much snow as the south and east side of the province so spring might come earlier ? Looking to buy a special type of  bear bait for the next bear hunt which we are getting excited about and is drawing near. Due to cancellations we also have openings the week of May 28 if your interested call or text me at 306 441 1602 .

April 2 / 2018

The spring thaw is coming very slowly this year luckily we didn't get the snow the southern portion  of the province , Alberta and parts of Manitoba got this year .  I'm enjoying the excitement in the questions from up coming hunters both Bear and Whitetail which is what it's all about so if you have any questions call me 306 441 1602 . We will be taking our baits out with snow machine and quads with tracks for the first while which also allows us access to new areas for Whitetail  .

 I often ask myself is this really "work " I am so fortunate to do what I do and love doing it !





May 9 / 2018

Well looks like spring has arrived we've had some record breaking temp which help dry some of the puddles the trees are budding and the bugs are out so time to start hunting bears . The bears are coming to the baits so should be a great season again , we are in a new area so not sure what to expect the cameras only tell 1/2 the story . Seeing lots of does with twins which is a great sign that the winter wasn't hard on the Whitetail herds . One night Mark counted 46 Whitetail in our field feeding on up coming Alfalfa . 

 June 11 / 2018

We have had a great and exciting spring Black Bear Hunt with all hunters harvesting good bears and seeing lots more plus some color phases blonde and cinnamon included . We had a great bunch of hunters and had loads of fun my nick name is "Mr. Ron " LOL . I have put some pics on FB and instagram . Taking bookings for 2019 if your interested .


July 31 / 2018

The days seem to be flying by before you know it we'll be hunting for giant Whitetails . The weather has been extreme with Hot one day and showers and thunder storm the next which is great for our second cut Alfalfa crop that we'll be feeding our Whitetail baits .

 Please note if you have never hunted in Saskatchewan and do not have a " HAL " number please send us a picture of your Drivers License or all your vital stats plus address in order to get you a HAL.

Aug 18 /2018

If possible check out the link below on you tube to see what a hunter videoed under his stand


Sept 1 / 2018

The temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter letting us know Whitetail season is a coming ! We have had a few mornings that have  been close to freezing so the leaves are starting to fall and we will be putting out trail cams soon .The Whitetail camp is full enough now even though we are licensed to take more we want to save a few deer for next year ( let'em go watch them grow ). We've been seeing a fair bunch of ruffed grouse on the trails again makes me want to bring out the 410 maybe harvest a few . A few years ago one of our bear hunters had a scare when a grouse flew into him while he was sitting quietly waiting for a bear to appear , after he quit shaking he thought " man this camo must be good .

 Sept 17 / 2018

We had a taste of winter this morning with a small dump of snow and freezing temperatures - 2 C , these are the type of days your happy to be in a tent blind . The alfalfa doesn't look too damaged so we should be able to still get a second cut once it stops raining  ? We have added a cell phone booster to the lodge so we should be able to get better communication . Looks like we had better gather more wood to heat the lodge since could be a cool fall ?  

Oct. 21 / 2018

The baiting is going well we are using second cut Alfalfa from our own field along with oats . Even though there is a lot of natural feed the deer seem to like the change in diet , also have noticed more natural salt / mineral spots which the deer are eating the dirt for minerals which adds to horn development . We have seen does with triplets which is a indication of the mild winter we've had and survival rate from predators

Dec 19 / 2018

Our season was great with plenty of happy hunters the first snow fall in Oct is still with us and very little more so should be another easy year for our Whitetail . Looking forward to the coming Black Bear hunt which also will be great and maybe early due to the low snow pack ? " Merry Christmas and a Happy , Healthy New Year to all " .


January 3 / 2019

New Year looks good for our Whitetail herds with no more snow so far a little cooler but not bad . The deer had a good supply of natural  feed this fall  also due to clear cutting / lodging lots of young shoots on fallen trees to feed on . We don't feed our herds year round since it does more harm than good to their natural survival and besides it's not legal . Looking forward to the coming Black Bear hunt starting May 20 which is exciting watching their behavior . Still have a few openings if your interested call or text 1 306 441 1602 .

Jan 13 / 2019

The weather still average for this time of year not much more snow a little cooler again  .Getting bookings for next years Whitetail season we have had numerous rebookings from hunters because we did leave some trophies out there , should be another good year . We still have openings for Black Bear if your interested starting May 20 .  

Feb 12 / 2019

the cold weather seems to be leaving ? I suppose this is one reason Saskatchewan has such strong genes in our Whitetail herds also Black Bears .

Feb. 28 / 2019

Bear hunt is just around the corner we are starting to feel and share  the excitement from our hunters . People have asked me do you still get excited about the hunt ?" Yes we love it 22 years later " what a blessed( job ? ) we have .

April 4 / 2019

Winter is slowly disappearing most of the snow is gone and the puddles of water are in the fields . The Bears will be out soon looking for food mainly grasses and some frogs found near water . We 're getting excited and prepared for the coming bear hunters arriving May 19 also working with our grandsons who come to help set up bates etc .It's a beautiful time of year except for the mud but that's why we have a pressure washer and tracks on the quads

May 7 / 2019

The snow is pretty much gone except for the few sprinkles we're getting the weather is staying cool though so have to dress for " what ever " ! We are caught up on baits with the help of Mark and grandsons Kohen and Ethan , Ayden couldn't come this year due to other commitments . The cooler temperatures are keeping the muskegs stiff so no need for tracks yet ? We have been seeing the odd Bears checking us out , bears are quite curious animals and top of the food chain so not much fear .

 June 11 / 2019

Our Black Bear  hunters were all very successful harvesting mostly 300 lb + . Our hunters  seen some unique situations and animals which make the hunt very memorial . If your interested I posted some pictures on Instagram , face book & U Tube .

June 16/ 2019

Here's Coles skinned bear which had a skull measurement over 21 harvested with bow , taxidermist said biggest in over 250 skulls brought in  .

June 29 /19

We sure are getting the rains now so our farmers are smiling so are we with our own Alfalfa field which is doing great again and second cut will be good . We have been buying ladder stands for the coming season  .The deer herds are looking great again which is good to see all the rain is going to help horn development . We'll also be scouting  new areas which is exciting for us .


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