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Ron Schumlick
1949 - St. Laurent Dr.
North Battleford
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We are a family business that has been in the outfitting industry for over 20 years with my son Mark and his wife Cindy . Northern Whitetail Outfitters is a fairly new addition , which was added in 2005 which has allowed us to expand and offer areas that have not been hunted previously by anyone due to accessibility ( boonies ) , we can boast having 7 townships of some of the best  hunting area possible offering many scenarios from  boreal forests to farm land fringe and open meadows .

A simple but affective method  when hunting Black Bear with the use of trail cameras and a measuring system at the baits.


Thanks to our large hunting area and using discretion on booking hunts , which may vary from year to year due to population of animals , we do not over hunt our  area . 

( Let them Go watch them Grow )

The area is approximately 216 sq miles of hard wood ridges mixed with mature boreal forests , open meadows and farm land fringe  accessible only by 4 wheelers through our own farmland or a short truck ride  .The remoteness of area reduces the pressure on our herds .

Also all meat from harvested animals that is not taken by hunters is given to local people and is greatly appreciated . Your guide will help you make the right choice on size  or any other choice such as pickup time , stand vs ground blind etc.

Guides include :

Todd Schumlick our son who lives in Squamish British Columbia. Todd has a degree in kinesiology but enjoys the outdoors ever since he was in the mountain guiding industry in British Columbia he also operates / owns PerformX Racing which assists athletes strive in their goals. He brings with him a knowledge of CPR, survival training and much more medical training and is willing to help when needed. 
Jaycob Brunton (Kiwi) Professional guide from New Zealand expanding his guiding experiences has guided  Red Stag , Grizzlies Dall Sheep .

Dale Bahrey, my brother in-law, will keep your organized and on time. He doesn't stop from morning 'til night.

Darren Bryant , ( Kiwi ) , from New Zealand with a passion to guide . Darren has guided for Grizzlies and Dall sheep and is the fastest caper I've seen and you'll like his accent ?

Also in the kitchen are my wife Joyce and friend  Helen Reynolds and / or Judy Tomanek  preparing the home cooked meals and and special diets plus  look after the place .

And last but not least our son  Mark Schumlick " the anchor "  who has hunted, guided and coordinates  both camps Caribou Trail Outfitters and Northern Whitetail Outfitters . Mark harvested the biggest in Saskatchewan non typical in 1997, scored 238 2/8 which is on display.When the trail has gone cold we call on Mark, he has appeared on outdoor shows such as Buck Masters many times and is personal friends with Jackie Bushman and Russell Thornberry. Mark is a wealth of knowledge and is willing to help .

Our guides will assist in making your choices if necessary, helping  to add to making  your   hunting experience successful  .

If you would like take a look at some video on  You Tube under Ron Schumlick .







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